BNI Testimonials

Nicolas Decourt - Babblecom Ltd
Since creating our Baby Babble website package, BNI has helped us developing a niche market for small businesses and startups wanting to get started online.

When I joined BNI I was very sceptical about the potential results and use of networking... My main aim was to get my money back and give it a go! The first year, BNI helped me generate £18,000 and that's only considering direct referrals.

Neil Vaughan Jones - Moments on Canvas
BNI has opened up new doors for me. It's a massive contact base has changed my client base completely. The referals I recieve in any one week are on average equivalent to my yearly membership. F
ar more successful than any other advertising. I absolutely swear by it and would definately recommend it to anyone who wants to seriously develop their business.

David Cooney - Aaron and Partners LLP
When I first moved to Chester, I was told about BNI and asked if I would like to go along with a view to improving my non-existent contact network in the City. 3 years on and I'm confident that I can pick up the phone and get hold of someone to help with almost anything that I need - and I know that the person I get hold of will try to do a good job for me.

BNI has considerably improved my confidence - I have no problem in standing up and addressing a room full of people and this is very useful given the nature of my work.

In spite of all of that, I continue to be a member of BNI because it works for me - I still gain a significant number of referrals and have made some very useful contacts. Each year I gain many times more business than the cost of the BNI membership and, if I need another reason, I enjoy the meetings each week!

Neal Smith -
I joined BNI in Oct 2004. It took a few months to fully appreciate how BNI really worked. This realisation came when I passed my first decent referral to the HR Company in our Chapter. The effect of this was that within two weeks they found a referral for me with a gross value over three years of £180,000. You would think that that would be hard to top. But BNI works in a variety of ways. recently we have formed a partnership with another BNI member company and launched a new product that is already a market leader in its field with projected sales ten times this level. One of the other great benefits of BNI has been the practice it gives you presenting you company. I can now in 60 seconds tell people exactly what I need them to know about my business in any environment.

Rob Meakin - Pro Networks
BNI has put us in touch with other professional business owners in complementary sectors's , allowing us to forge valuable alliances which have taken our business forward and provided new opportunities.