Ewan Sturman
Ewan is Co-Execuitive Director of BNI Cheshire & North Wales and one of the country's few Certifed Network Trainers. Ewan has worked closely with 100's of businesses in the north west and acts as a facilitator, introducing them to the contacts they wish to meet.

Ewan runs a number of worksops designed to help business men and business women examine different ways in which they can develop their business.

David Williams
David is also Co-Executive Director of BNI Cheshire & North Wales and a Certified NLP Practioner. David has a wealth of experience in helping people achieve more and has worked closely with many sports men and sport women, some of who perform on the world stage.

David also runs a number of workshops that are designed to help people achieve more and help them communicate more effectively by using a number of techniques that work at an unconscious level.